Saturday, May 28, 2016


Above, I see new life coming up through dead lifeless
leaves.  Below are the 1st blooms ever on a bush my
dad and I planted last summer

As you can see I skipped a few months between taking these pictures  It abruptly came to a halt when my precious Father's time on this earth came to an end.  During part of those 2 months I had the privileged of spending time with my Mom...helping her through physical and emotional pain and working through her daily needs.  I returned home for a week before my sweet Grandmother also went to be with Jesus.  During all of this I have continued to see God. There were so many details that came together before and after my Father's death.  God has given me such a wonderful relationship with my mom, brother, 2 sisters, my 2 daughters, and my husband.  Without their love and support life would be much more difficult.  I can clearly see God's promises in the return of spring and new life.  My dad brought me a start of a forsythia bush last summer.  When I saw blooms on it this spring it confirmed the hope/assurance that I have in continued life....for my Dad in heaven and for me/us here in this time on earth.  Time is really just the short space between eternity past and eternity future.  God is sovereign!  I can and will trust Him!


Sovereign in the mountain air
Sovereign on the ocean floor
With me in the calm
With me in the storm

Sovereign in my greatest joy
Sovereign in my deepest cry
With me in the dark
With me at the dawn

In your everlasting arms
All the pieces of my life
From beginning to the end
I can trust you

In your never failing love
You work everything for good
God whatever comes my way
I will trust you

All my hopes
All I need
Held in your hands

All my life
All of me
Held in your hands

All my fears
All my dreams
Held in your hands

God whatever comes my way
I will trust you

(Chris Tomlin Cover) by Sarah Reeves